Bacchanal Abroad

We created this podcast for the travel curious in the Caribbean community who want to hear more authentic travel stories from their fellow Caribbean people across the diaspora. Tune in weekly for new episodes to redefine the way you travel!

Episode One: What a Time to Be Abroad!

Episode One is here… and it’s a crazy time to be abroad! COVID-19 has taken over social media & news feeds! Tune into this week’s podcast episode as your Bacchanal Abroad host Aneakaleigh (@astridoxford) invites Kacy & Danielle to discuss what it’s like living in Spain as the country prepares to tackle this global health pandemic.

Episode Two: How We Does Talk

Danielle and Kacy are back with some more #bacchanalabroad! This week join in as a  Bajan, a Trini, and a Jamaican-Antiguan come together to share some of the most common words and phrases that make up every day Caribbean conversation.

Episode Three: Not We and De People Ting!

For episode 3 Neelam (Trinidad & Tobago) and Raniel (Jamaica) chat with your host @astridoxford to give some valuable insight into what it’s like living with strangers abroad. Yuh think yuh could do it?

Episode 4: Colombia or Spain?

This week Balinda (Trinidad and Tobago) and Nacoya (Jamaica) join our host to revisit the fun times lived in Colombia! Which country feels like a better fit for @astridoxford and her guests? Listen in to find out!

Episode Five: The Budget Travel Experience

On this episode, tune in to hear advice from Kacy (Jamaica/Antigua) and Shauntel (Jamaica) who share their advice for getting the most out of your budget on your trips with our host @astridoxfordxford.

Episode Six: Where The Caribbean People At?

This episode of the Bacchanal Abroad Podcast features a one-on-one interview with Trinbagonian blogger Arriane Talma (@arrianetalma)! Arrianne and our host talk about her study abroad experiences (in Granada, Spain & Amsterdam, Netherlands), Arrianne’s unique take on life abroad as a tool for self-reinvention, and intentionally finding your people abroad!

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