Taking Control of Your Move Abroad ft. Arrianne Talma

How do you want to show up when you move abroad? A nervous wreck, fearing that things may not work out exactly the way you hope? Or, confidently with a positive outlook that helps you to have one of the most freeing experiences life has to offer – a fresh start somewhere new? There’s soContinue reading “Taking Control of Your Move Abroad ft. Arrianne Talma”

Your Money Guide To Studying Abroad in France ft. Shaeann Yee Loy

Shaeann just wrapped up her first year abroad in Lille, France and her experience so far has been nothing short of an adventure. When it comes to moving abroad, one of the most frequently asked questions from our Caribbean Millennial community is always: How much money will I need to fund my move abroad? ….Continue reading “Your Money Guide To Studying Abroad in France ft. Shaeann Yee Loy”

Why Budget Travel Matters ft. Shuntelle Paynter

Shuntelle Paynter hails from a very small island in the Atlantic ocean, and while it may not be officially recognised as part of the Caribbean she says that Bermudians feel really connected to the region through cultural similarities. The thing about growing up on a small island is that you quickly develop the drive toContinue reading “Why Budget Travel Matters ft. Shuntelle Paynter”