Quarantine Chronicles | Balinda R., Spain

Wherever you may be reading this post from, we all have one thing in common – COVID-19 is keeping us all at home and away from the lives we had become so used to, whether we’re abroad or at home. Our Caribbean Millennial community is made up of travellers from around the diaspora sharing storiesContinue reading “Quarantine Chronicles | Balinda R., Spain”

Safia E. 🇦🇬: Trust The Vibe

This week on the blog we’re highlighting another Caribbean Millennial veteran in these Madrid streets! It’s always great to have a community of people who identify with all that it means to be a young, black professional who has uprooted their life and taken the leap to live abroad!

Kacy: Castellón de la Plana, Spain

We’re back with another Caribbean Millennial Abroad feature! This week we’re introducing you to a Jamaican-Antiguan making a life for herself in Spain as an English teacher with the BEDA Programme! Want to learn more about her experience on the road and life in Spain? Keep reading!

Madrid Revealed: 5 Instagram Accounts to Really Get To Know Madrid

Moving halfway across the world to a new city can be the cause of so much stress but there’s a lot of resources out there you can turn to to get you prepared for anything that might come your way and Instagram is the best place to go to if you’re looking for the right vibe that suits you and your lifestyle.